Cyber threats are on the rise and becoming more complex than ever before. With the newly developing technological environment, new threats and advanced attack methods, it is almost impossible to keep up.

The challenge lies in deciding what to do and in making the investments necessary to address the real and relevant cybersecurity risks. In every case, it is important to make informed decisions.


Bilan de cybersécurité


The security assessment evaluates cybersecurity mechanisms for their overall effectiveness and strength.

Tests d’intrusion applicatif / infrastructure

Application / infrastructure
penetration testing

Penetration tests check whether a malicious intruder can steal your data or harm your organization’s image.

Point de vue du hacker

The hacker’s

The hacker’s view looks for entry points in your network and identifies the publicly available information about your organization that could be relevant to an attack.

Campagne d’hameçonnage


The personalized phishing service aims to provide your organization with an overview of your employees’ reflexes and level of cybersecurity awareness.

Analyse du trafic réseau

Network traffic

Identifies attacks and suspicious activity on the network.

Analyse des risques et des menaces

Threat and risk

There is no risk without threats. Knowing the threats, what those behind them are looking for and how they attack is essential for setting up effective tests.

Accompagnement stratégique en sécurité et en conformité

Security and
compliance advisory

Helping managers make decisions. Developing a strategy and an action plan. Providing support for PCI compliance and other standards.


A recurring service tailored to your needs. Your organization will pay monthly and predictable fees. Stop worrying and focus on your main activities, KPMG-EGYDE will look after you.

Our managed and recurring service allows you to accurately see your cybersecurity status. Specifically, our service includes extremely valuable actions to ensure continuous improvement, such as:

  • Attack surface identification
  • Security monitoring
  • Periodic penetration tests
  • Monitoring/detection of attacks and suspicious activity
  • Risk assessment
  • Security and compliance support
  • Technical reports
  • Executive reports

To do this, KPMG-EGYDE proposes experts who will become your very own security team or provide support to the team you already have in place.

Rapport cybersécurité